Knight Property Group create their own bespoke Tartan

March 2nd, 2019

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Commercial property developers, Knight Property Group have designed their very own bespoke Tartan with Prickly Thistle Scotland.

James Barrack and his team at Knight Property Group took an interest in Prickly Thistle Scotland during the early developments of their pop-up mill located in the Scottish Highlands. The decision was made to support the start-up business with a commission for design and product creation. Prickly Thistle and Knight Property Group began to work together to create a bespoke tartan based on Knight Property Group’s strong branding using Blue and Cerise as the main colour scheme, whilst successfully embodying the companies’ history and location.

James Barrack, Director of Knight Property Group commented, ‘I decided that I would like to create a bespoke Knight Property Group tartan, which I wanted to be designed and manufactured in Scotland. So, in January of 2018 we embarked on this exciting project, weaving our own story into the fabric. Our tartan was officially registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans on the 24th September 2018 and the first of our products were received later that year. This was a very special experience from start to finish.’ Once the tartan had been completed, Prickly Thistle Scotland presented Knight Property Group with bespoke scarfs, complete with customised labelling which was then gifted to all the companies’ employees. Knight Property Group described the whole process as a great pleasure and are pleased to have created something that symbolises their proud Scottish heritage.

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